Colorado Conservation Programs

Listed below are some steps we have taken on The Harteis Ranch in Colorado regarding Conservation Programs and Wildlife Habitat Improvement Programs.

1. Of the 3,000 acres tract 2,400 is in a Conservation easement, which will remain in its present state – in perpetuity and will never be developed, to provide long term benefit for wildlife.

2. Thinning program which improved 1000 acres plus for natural grass and reduced fire hazard to avoid a crown fire. Only 30 trees per acre now exist on the thinned acreage.

3. Planted legumes and grasses in 400 acres of plots for feed for Elk, Deer & Bear.

4. Installed 30 miles of Ranch roads to patrol for fire and poaching.

5. Build 28 ponds for wildlife and fire protection.

Our Mission on managing the Harteis Ranch is to improve Habitat for all wildlife and to support greater numbers of wildlife through improved feed, cover, and the use of our water resources to reduce fire hazard. After 13 years of improved management the amount of wildlife has made a definite come back and the numbers of Elk, Deer and Bear have increased. With Continued improvement the future for wildlife looks very strong.

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