Pictured above: Trophy Bison

Ask About our Bison ranch in Hartsel, Colorado. You have an option to add on a Trophy or Management Bison hunt to your Antelope, Rifle Elk, or Rifle Mule Deer hunt.

  • 3000 Acre High Fence ranch in Hartsel, CO
  • 1 on 1 guide service
  • Wifi for your convenience
  • Electric and gas powered transpotation
  • Caping & quartering your trophy included
  • Transporting your trophy to taxidermist and meat processor included.
  • Option to Euro mount your trophy for FREE

Trophy Bison

Management Bison

Option for a combo Bear add on with your current archery Elk or Mule deer hunt.

Optional Add-On. $4,500 for Black Bear

Ryker the Tracking Dog

Optional Add-On. $500

Blood Tracking Dogs for Locating Wounded Game Animals.

For some people, hunting is fun and casual hobby. For others, it’s a passion that we live, eat, and breathe for. That is why we have invested in a premium blood tracking dog from none other than Thistle Ridge.  As avid hunters, we know what it’s like when you wait and invest in a hunt for a trophy animal where the shot placement is marginal at best. We want your trophy hit to be one recovered. Meet our proven tracking dog Ryker. He was bred for strong scent detection work. We take tracking very seriously and want to give you the option to use Ryker on your recovery if needed. 

Professional Video/Photography Package

Optional Add-On. $4,500

Have your once-in-a-lifetime hunt filmed so you can share the experience with friends and family. Includes:

* Filming the client hunt
* Editing a reel of footage from the hunt
* Premium retouched photos of experience and harvest